Meticulously Carved Sculptures

"Enhance the ambiance of your home and office spaces with our exquisite collection of divine sculptures, designed to attract prosperity, wealth, and a continuous stream of business opportunities without hindrances."

Artfully Crafted Wall Mount Panels

Make your wall decor exceptionally unique in its design

Embellish the doorway with decor

Exquisite wall Brackets of timeless elegance

Why Sengottuvel wood carvings

Our Sculptures at Customer's Home :)

For Home Vasthu White Colour Finishing Murthi Ganapathi Head Decoration Wall Mount 19"Hanging Backside Plain Ganesha Murthi Home Decoration Beautiful Handcrafted Wooden Wall Mount 18"Snail Head Lord Buddha Multicolour Finishing Entrance Decoration Wooden Wall Mount Sculpture 20"Multicoloured Wooden Paired Entrance Decor Hooks Fixed Home Vastu Detaily Carved Masks  16"Lengthy Trunk Lord Ganesha Wooden Handmade Art Work For Your Beautiful Home Entrance 13"

Our most famous pieces

Wall panels, brackets & sculptures

Adorn and accent your space with divine tradition skillfully chiseled to perfection by our artisans.

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